This is a bus stop on a main street near Tiananmen square. Notice the employ of the two women with the red flags. On this route there were two employees at each stop. I am guessing that they're flagging the bus if there are passengers waiting for that bus. On the bus itself is a ticket collector, a ticket dispenser and the driver. It's difficult to take a bus. The only reason we tried was that we were departing from a major train station which had a map showing the routes of the buses. We were on a major route and only needed to figure out what the return stop looked like. It worked like clockwork. Of course it was much cheaper to take the bus.   This is Matt on the Great Wall. The wall was clearly made for soldiers if this is a historically accurate rendition of the wall. This section of the wall resides close to Beijing. It's called Mutianyu. One of the fun aspects of the Mutianyu is the option to descend by slide. There is a stainless steel cupped slide that winds its' way down the mountain hundreds of vertical feet. The ride down is a blast. The ascent is by ski lift to the top of the mountain. Then you still climb further as evidenced by the picture above. There are many areas of the Great Wall that are not renovated. We saw one example of the unrenovated wall. We noticed it was overrun by weeds.    
      Below is a straw broom outside our Air BnB near Wangfujing Road. The apartment building was a walled complex about 5 stories tall. The outer wall is maybe 10 feet tall. The courtyard had quite a few rose bushes growing along with parking for 20 or so cars.    
      This is a view looking out of the north end of the Forbidden City in Beijing. The hallway appears to be the depth of the wall surrounding the Forbidden City with the huge outer wooden doors on the far side.    
      Below is the train schedule - in Chinese. All we could read were the train numbers and departure times.    
      This is a temple north of Beijing.    
  Above is an alley leading to our Airbnb. The orange spheres are old phone booths.   Above is a main intersection in Beijing.    
  Above are a group that do some sort of exercise together to music out in a public square in the morning. Karen joined the group for a period of time. I'm not sure how they organize it and whether it's costs money. Mostly women seem to participate.   Views of the Forbidden City where masses of people congregate every day. It costs to enter. You can get a audio tour to provide history and background of the complex of buildings. It's a fairly large area with a wall and moat around it. I'd guess it sits on 15 to 20 acres of land.