Interests   50 websites that you may enjoy View pics/post pics. - we don't use it at work because of a security issue [4/21/12] Search. Watch videos. Watch TV online. Shop at the thrift store. Shopping Online videos. Encyclopedic info written by anyone. &,29569,1918031,00.html
And a few of my own
Crazyguyonabike.comThis site has many cyclist journals of travels around the world., an amazing source of information and entertainment. Allows you to point to a website that contains a long address with a much simpler URL.
Groupon Coupon
IP Address
Get directions
Maps with the famous streetview.
Learn from the source of internet protocol.
Create a radio station.
School stuff - Satree.
Logical Fallacies
Europe trip
Satree directory
Control Panel.

Currency Exchange
Bike Stuff Shopping (UK)
Bike Stuff - (EU)
Arab slant on the news
US-national-debt White House Graphic
Amish Simple Goods for Home & Farm
Convert Bicycle Generator power to charge your batteries
Bicycle Hubs - Out of the norm
Beeing with Honey
Great Visual for Gear Changing and Gear Inches
questions from google interviews
interview questions
The Great Africa Cycle for Stopping Malaria
Novatec Generator Hub
Retirement Calculator
Cheap Glasses from China
14 speed internal hub gearing for bikes - rohloff-speedhub