Assateague 2010

Our weekend trip to Assateague was beautiful. We've had good luck with weather and bugs over the years. Next time we plan to go kayaking on the bay side. You have to book camping spots at least 6 months in advance. Pocomoke is an alternate spot to stay with much less lead time required. It's about a 20 mile drive to the beach tho.

Early morning walk on the beach.



Bird with Fish


Glaucous Gull - we've become bird-watchers. There are egrets in the bay, all sorts of gulls near the ocean. It's still hard to tell one gull from another.


Our camping kitchen

  That's OC on the horizon  

Our favorite vegetable stand - Beautiful local produce, herbs


Funny kite - there are always interesting and huge kites at the beach.

  Runner kite

Classic Assateague Ponies - it's like I work for National Geographic


The washroom at the campsite


Trying out the zoom lens on the new camera


That big bird has a whole fish in its' claws. I saw it coming from the beach and rushed to have the camera on and ready for a weird 'into the sun' kind of shot. It worked pretty well.

  I love the vegetation at the beach. It's a delicate environment and these plants thrive.  
  Fascinating bugs on the washroom walls