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Funny/interesting things Matt and I enjoyed on our weekend trip to the mountains:

A cow skipping toward us
A ranger station in Amish country which had a horse and buggy parking lot
Caves that look like tiny little holes in the side of a hill
Bats in the cave!
Gas selling for $1.95 when it sold for $2.25 in DC
The area where we heard there was cheap gas, many stations on that road were out of business
No cell phone coverage 40 minutes from the cabin
A road on the map that was gravel
A huge milk processing plant with buildings labeled from A to L
Cows lined up in a barn shoulder to shoulder eating hay
HUGE barns like I've never seen before
The lens on my glasses steaming up at the entrance to a cave
3 adults arguing in the dark about where a cave is
3 adults arguing about how to convert degrees/minutes/seconds latitude to degrees/seconds in decimals
A TENNIS COURT on a farm far from cell coverage near the cabin
Lots of closed country stores


Some Cave Images inside the cave



The outside of the cave showing the climbing rope on the edge