Another snow, another commute... the bike, the trail.


  We had an additional snowfall. This one I got some beautiful pictures. I rode the bike through about five inches of powder that had 2 - 3 inches of frozen stuff underneath. The rough undersnow is what occasionally gave me traction. Unfortunately, the undersnow was a little mushy and the tires sunk in deep. I had to push the bike on some of the trail.  


Upper left of the four below is next to Holy Cross hospital where the trail goes beneath 495, the beltway.

  The scenes above and below are the actual hiker/biker trail, but of course it's hard to see any trail. Just follow the footprints, it's there.  



See the snow in the spokes, hub, brakes, etc.
  This is a scene taken from the end of the cul-de-sac we live on.  


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