Dancing Rabbit Visit

Campsite near one of the gardens behind Skyhouse where several Rabbits lived. The human compost location is surprisingly close to my site and the garden. It was beautiful weather in September. I wanted to move in soon. There were lots of young people. I was among the oldest. I don't think they realized how old I was. I was amazed at how clean and odor free the composting toilet were with just sawdust to quell the smell.

Dancing Rabbit is a co-housing community in between Kansas City and St. Louis Missouri. It is also an Eco-village. There was a cable TV reality episode as part of the show "30 days" that attracted me to the community. I spent a week here.


Skyhouse, below, was built from timbers from a barn bought at an auction several hours away. The open air kitchen is off to the right. The common house is off to the left. Directly on this side of the house is the gray water treatment area. It filtered the water thru cattails and rocks, etc. to make the gray water usable again.

from the back near my campsite.


This is the other side of Skyhouse that faces the commons/common house. What a gorgeous house! Four people live in Skyhouse.

This is the kitchen in Skyhouse where Amy taught us to make wheat meat from wheat gluten. It was so delicious. I helped make it. There is a propane refrigerator on the left or is that powered by the solar - I don't remember.

from the front courtyard near the common house.


the kitchen.
the living room. It has cob floors with linseed oil finish.
the rocket stove built into the wall.
Herb garden,
near the outdoor kitchen.
Outdoor kitchen (OK),
from the hammock.
Outdoor kitchen,
Ironweed(?) garden,
fancy gate.
Ironweed(?) garden,
the beautiful produce.
Ironweed(?) garden,
beautiful sunset.

the swimming hole.