Links to important events in our calendar 2011




Mormon Temple

Trux in front - Karen in home office


VA State High School Basketball Quarterfinals - Matt

Slushy Snow Ride

Red Sunrise

Power Out


photo technique

Great Falls

Spring Photos


Harpers Ferry Canoe

Bike Ride to Thurmont

Graduation - King George High

Family Reunion

Room for Rent

Wood Stove Giveaway

Mad City

Farmers Market

Ocracoke & stuff

Kansas City trip - August


This is my all-rounder for those who understand the world of specialty bikes. There are road racers, triathlon bikes, utility bikes, downhill, freestyle, BMX, Cross, mountain, touring, antique, single-speed, track, fixie, tandem, comfort, hybrid bikes. The all-rounder is a compromise of my needs. I do mostly short rides and commutes in all weather (needsless to say). Today started just below freezing when this picture was taken. In the picture you'll see the bar end shifters, my red backup headlight, generator for the headlight, dual leg kickstand, beautiful Brooks Pro leather saddle, stainless steel fenders by Berthoud and saddle bag by Minnehaha. I store all my gear to ride to and from work in the bar bag and the saddle bag. I carry my lunch


This was a feat of strength and daring in the summer heat. I picked up groceries on my bike. The seat bag had a 10 pound bag of potatoes, the porteur rack in front had three large trays of meat below the box, syrup, a half gallon of OJ and a bunch of other heavy stuff in the box and on my back was bread and eggs. With so much weight in the front steering was a bit hazardous. I'd say I had 25 lbs on the front.

  This is the tree that deer rub their antlers on to mark their territory. At least that's what I think happens. I've seen this happen once. It's 50 feet from the back door.  

Funny personal ad:

do you suck?...

on a quest to find my dream woman

1. how tall are you?

2. what kind of bike do you have? (because you do have a bike)

3. drink/ smoke/ fo twenty? none? all of the above?

4. how many tattoos do you have?

5. do you wear skinny jeans y/n

6. top 5 (or more) bands in no particular order

7. do you enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer?

8. on a scale of one to ten how much do you like coffee?

9. please describe your ideal date / hang sesh situation

22. what is your band called and do they suck?

11. how do you feel about pop punk in general?

12. do you know how to read? if so, what do you like to read?

13. do you have a soft spot for out dated and poorly made horror films y/n

14. what is your job (because you do have a job)

15. can you swing dance? can you learn?

16. what would your ex-boyfriend/s say about you?

17. if you had to write a weekly column in a paper or zine, what would it be about?

18. do you know how to cook? (not necessary)

19. are you an adventurous eater?

20. do you have any stds or a cleft lip?

21. how many times did you lie while filling this out?

Disqualify yourself if you wear flip flops or suck in general.