2012 stuff    
  Website brought to you by the fellow below. I started the idea to provide my parents with an introduction to the internet. It never caught on with them. Now it's just for my personal enjoyment and for sharing outside of the other venues.  
  The hair looks really full. I didn't doctor the image, but there is less than meets the eye.  
  Number one son off to an interview.  
  Matt sent me a quote from MLKj the other day. It's nice to see a young man growing up and thinking like an adult.  
  Below is a view from the 6th floor balcony at work. Some of you may recognize the building as a) seat of democracy b) the government from hell c) the root of all evil d) building on the money  
  Why do they call it turkey day? Happy Thanksgiving! Karen tried a new cooking method. She covered it with cheese cloth embedded with spices. It turned out really moist.  
  The latest Norman Rockwell image