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  What is this, a 1973 Schwinn Suburban? It's in very good shape. I love the glowing green paint. Comfortable saddle, huge wide bars, full fenders... what more could you ask for? Viner


This is an Italian manufactured bicycle brand called Viner with Italian Gipiemme components. It's fairly rare and very high quality. I rode it about 10 miles. The stem was frozen and I didn't want to fool with that so I sold it. It was very light and had a great ride. I assume the bottom bracket was Italian threading. I'd love to know whether the headset was also an odd threading or diameter. They seem to have completely redesigned/rethought bicycles. The headset had a weird bolt through it. Most of the bolts were allen except the seatpost binder bolt.

From what I read the derailleurs are re-branded Simplex. Mine didn't say Simplex or Gipiemme. The brakes, headset and crankset were Gipiemme. The wheels were almost certainly not original although possibly from the same time period. For the picture I had another seatpost and saddle.

The lugwork is gorgeous as was the condition of the decals. It was a beautiful bike.