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What is this event that you speak of?

Of course flags were everywhere.


Here are some images of our visit to the site of the inauguration and related festivities. The enthusiasm is palpable. Crowds are milling around in anticipation. MSNBC is creating a media circus.      


We parked near Chinatown.

There was quite a military and police presence - kind of ominous.
Yeah, bikes!
      DC flag on a bike


Two types of barriers and the necessary facilities for a few million of our closest friends...

Did I mention the media?

MSNBC entertained the crowds by pointing the camera. They had quite a setup.


It's hard to see the camera on the boom (on the left behind the cameramen), but it was automated and zooming and pointing all over the crowd and everyone 'oooohhhh'-ed and 'AAAAHHHH'-ed for the camera.


On top of the Canadian embassy above Pennsylvania Avenue were their viewing stands. They had a big Obama banner.