Bicycle Photo Album

XtraCycle Conversion

This is the original adaptation of the Xtracycle. It was connected to a Surly 1x1 frame. The gearing is a Nexus 8-speed in the hub system with a foot brake such as is found on typical childrens bikes. The wheelset is 26". To extend the bike to fit the Xtracycle required several modifications to the bike. I extended the chain, and rear gear shift cable.

View from the rear

View of the right side

I used the hubbub handlebar adaptor to add the shifter at the end of the handlebar. There are two sets of Oury grips on the end of the handlebars. Between the two sets of grips is some nice heavy bar tape. All of the set up of the bike was done by the guy I bought the bike from. I did switch the front wheel for these pictures. I don't remember why at this point. This picture was taken about two years ago. 10/13/2010

This is a view of the rear part.

This is a view from above. I was standing on the stairs looking down toward the front door.
This is a shark at the front door.