Colorado Trip

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This was our campsite set up for years. The 3 room Coleman tent is beige and green; the screened in porch is separate and makes a huge difference with bugs, good for rain and gives us an option for seating outside the tent area. We often took this set up to Assateague State park.



View of the campsite. We stayed here about 5 days and nights but it rained most of the time. We ended up using our YMCA membership to get away from the park weather.





Steve up on the rock and other Mohr up the tree




Out there is where we heard a mountain lion and it's prey fighting in the wee hours of the morning. Something was screaming in the night. It was quite alarming.






Critters near the campsite




We found a climbing wall in town. It rained so much we had to find alternate play opportunities.



Hiking way above the road.




tipping rock



Garden of the Gods




Garden of the Gods pictures
Mohr Colorado pictures