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IT Smart Camp from Satree

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At the mall parking lot...I have to admit. I thought a lot of Thai people would be riding bicycles. I also assumed they would have motorbikes. The elite are transitioning to cars. There are few used cars available for sale. It seems that they are a hot commodity at least on Facebook advertising. Bicycles are mostly also a product used by the elite. On my normal ride I see a few other cyclists. All of the cyclists have the full kit: all the clothing, gloves, do rags, goggles, shoes, socks. The bicycles are mostly high end carbon framed and carbon wheeled bikes. One guy commented that my steel framed bike was vintage (in a disparaging way). LOL. He doesn't know that in the US we have a slogan "steel is real" and that there are groups that intentionally avoid the "crabon" fiber stuff.

View out the window flying over the arctic on the way to Thailand. 

Looking down at the elephants and the harbor in the distance coming down from the Big Buddha on the island of Phuket. The elephant is under the green roof. Phuket is an island and a province and there is a town on the island with the same name. The Big Buddha statue sits on the top of the a mountain at the south end of the island.  
  Abandoned car on the side of the road. I don't see many of these but there are probably lots of backyards that have them.    
  View of the large stone Buddha. I believe it's more like concrete and tile in composition. It's probably 40 feet high from the base of the statue.   
  Golden statue through a doorway   
  From the back of the big Buddha area toward the sea   
  Closeup of golden Buddha   
  IT Smart Camp from Satree  

This is a view of an annual school ceremony honoring teachers called wai khru. Khru means teacher in Thai. It's a very time-consuming but charming ceremony that honors both the Thai and foreign teachers. The students bring flowers to the teachers and prostrate themselves on the floor. It's a little awkward from my western perspective. Decorating the hall seems to be very important. The decorations are elaborate. Many of these celebrations involve ornately carved fruit. In this case the flower bouquets are exquisite.