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      This is where Phoebe and I would take most of our walks. The county and state spent millions recovering the ecology of this little park at the end of our street. It was impassable prior to the work. Then it became a delight. At one point a homeless man camped in this area. It was beautiful in its recovery. The natural flora and fauna were returning - cattails, wild flowers, ferns, mosses and a variety of trees like beech, sycamore and many more. Even though the far side of this 5 acre section of park was very busy University Boulevard it was fairly quiet on our walks. I frequently had the whole place to myself allowing Phoebe to be off leash during our entire walk.        
      This seemed like the return of old world skills to Wheaton. This shop had just opened or moved to this location a couple of doors down from Chuck Levins Washington Music Center. It probably wasn't coincidence. Chuck Levins is where I saw Stevie Wonder trying out keyboards at one point.        
      This is the dog. Brown on Brown