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We have made 2 trips to Yellowstone as a family and Steve made one additional trip



This is behind the campsite:

This is the area behind our campsite in Bridge Bay. There was a big black bear back there one day. He got very close to our tent. Of course we had the food in a bear box. We had huge elk and deer as regular visitors. Less frequently we had an occasional buffalo.  

Coyote friend:

This was a hike up Mount Washburn 10,000 feet which is above the tree line. We've lost more pictures than we've saved. We saw big horn sheep, a marmot and this coyote on this hike alone.  

Mountain Woman:

This is just above the treeline in the end of July. It was cold and windy. We had regular afternoon storms that circulated through the park daily, so we were prepared. The sticks road edge markers for the plows I guess. We hiked on the fire road part of the way. At the top was a ranger station which was a fire lookout for the park.
  Steve's favorite, Hayden Valley:  
This is one of the features that really make Yellowstone. As far as I know it was never cultivated as farm land and it looks like it. 100's of buffalo can be see here daily throughout the year. This was the scene of the amazing wolf story.  



Yellowstone River:

One thing we didn't expect to see at Yellowstone was a pelican! There were plenty in the park. Yellowstone is 2 million acres. The lake is 200,000 acres. There is no way to imagine the scale.  

List of animal sightings:

  1. Sand Hill Crane
  2. Trumpeter Swan
  3. Yellow-headed Black bird
  4. Wolf
  5. Coyote
  6. Bighorn Sheep
  7. Marmot
  8. Black bear
  9. Grizzy cub
  10. Pelicans
  11. Buffalo
  12. Elk
  13. Mule Deer
  14. Antelope
  15. Bald Eagle
  16. Moose














Beautiful Sunset over a smoldering Old Faithful Geyser:






Moose and calf:



Devils Tower / Volcano






Mount Washburn view:







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