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This is the best I could get to explain the last blizzard. This shows the wind to a certain extent. After several snowfalls and little melting we had an accumulation of about 36" on the ground.
    Did you ever play king of the mountain? Alazar and Ruth knew how to play this game even though they weren't taught the rules. How did they know?    
     itenke it is snow fall  and it was fan we was pushing each other. she pushed me and i pushed her. I knocked ruth down and she knocked me down. even though it was cold we weren't thinking about it. the snow hung in my hair. it was fun when we throw the snows. it was fun being on the top of the snow pile. the snow pile is now gone. the grass is green and it is summer. snow, snow, come again. big steve want to play.    
    Below are a couple scenes of my commute to work. On the left is the view of our street where the snow was gone. The shot showing the snow on Sligo Creek Parkway didn't turn out. It was overexposed. When I commuted home the snow had melted, so I didn't get a good shot. To the right is the courtyard at work where folks go to smoke.    
    In front of 8757. The walks were cleared pretty early, but the path wasn't very wide. I went in Thursday and Friday by bicycle. I made it to work at 8:30AM on Thursday. There were very few people out at that time. Even Colesville Road which is a major artery had infrequent travelers. Each direction lost a lane to incomplete snow removal. Sligo Creek still has a couple spots that were incompletely plow so the road narrows down to a single lane. There is a picture below showing cars waiting in line to pass one of those spots. It was a little dangerous to stop and take pictures, so I didn't get a good shot.    
    Below is a section of the road narrowed by a downed tree.    
    The trucks below are actually hauling show out of our neighborhood. There is not enough space to store all of the snow in the neighborhood. We had 3 huge dump trucks and a front end loader working for hours hauling snow away today, Saturday, February 13th. The front end loader driver was from Alabama and one of the truck drivers was from New York.    
    These trucks came to pick up the bulk snow. It was too high just to push aside apparently. In this shot I'm trying out the wide angle lens. Hm.