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Snow of the Century

- 24" mohr or less

Dads Snow Pics

Feb 10 Blizzard - the record setter

Mohr blizzard

  Snow Bike - Pics of the kids on the back of Steves Bicycle    
This has been a year of snow. I have never seen so much snow in this area in one season and I've been in this area since 1961. We have housemates who just moved to America from Ethiopia. They had never experienced snow before. The children really seem to enjoy it as a novelty. The first snow was an inch or two. I made sure to take the children out. We went for a walk in the park. It was a fairly warm wet snow. We went out while it was still coming down. I was happy that we had a snow the first year that they were here. There are years where we get no snow. Sometimes it's not even that cold all winter. The pictures below show the third, fourth and fifth snowfalls.We've had all sorts of snow from light dustings that last a couple of days to wet snows to dry, powdery snow.
this is snow 2


about 4"


Snow 3 or 4

more than any year I can remember


this may

be snow 5


it's snowing,

get the bike out!!!



rolling thru the snow in a one man open


  The guy below is a bicycle nut. When we have a snow the kids have learned the tradition that we break out the bikes. That morning when I came down to announce the snow they knew that I was getting out the bike. When I got the bike out front I found Ruth pushing Alazars bike around to the front of the house. His bike has training wheels. It was hilarious. I've trained them well. Below is a picture of us in about the 4th snow of the season in January. It was powdery fluffy snow, so it was easy to ride through. The snow was at least 3 inches by the time we left. It was deep enough and fresh enough that I couldn't really tell where the trail was. Well, we missed the trail at one point and went DOWN! Alazar lay still on the ground. The he started shouting something. I told him to get up. I picked up the bike and asked if they wanted to go on or return home. The unanimous decision was "continue on". So on we went to the playground.  

Looking up the hill to the other cul-de-sac. We got plowed a day after everyone else because we're at the end of the world.

Here we're looking down from the other cul-de-sac up the hill. The house is down in the right hand corner of the photo below.
  The house is situated at the edge of two parks on a cul-de-sac. Behind and next to us are park land. The picture above shows us at the end of the cul-de-sac with no neighbor on the right. Below is a shot out of the back window. The snow looked beautiful on the pine needles.  
out the back window thru the condensation


in the





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