Winter 2010

The power went off at mom and dads retirement home. Our road wasn't plowed yet so we couldn't get to them and they couldn't get to us. They were able to stay in the nursing home lobby. There was a single bed available and one of them stayed on the couch. The power to all of the independent living units was down.

Our street was plowed Sunday morning at 7AM. Mom and dad came over that evening and we had a superbowl party. Sometime after that mom realized she didn't have one of her hearing aids.


There's a stopsign buried somewhere in that mound.

Looking back 6 months later I can't believe how much snow was in our yard. Our family moved here in 1961. I'm more or less familiar with major storms since then. This is a huge one for this area.
This mound of snow directly in front of our house was removed a day or so later by huge dump trucks that hauled the snow to a remote location. They worked for hours to haul all of this away. There are huge mounds all thru the neighborhood.
Tirfnesh and Karen cleaning the car off. Steve taking a picture from inside. My back was SO SORE!
This is before the plow made it up the cul-de-sac near our house sometime Sunday.
Branches burdened with snow bowing to the ground. There are utility lines in there as well.





  In the news today (February 10, 2010) we have winds gusting to 45 MPH, everything, even the snowplows are ceasing operations. The snowplows stop when the winds blow snow too much.