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Restaurant - mostly Papas House - May, 2017 to 2019

Thailand shares a heritage with Chinese. You can see the Chinese characters in the sign around the doorway.   Smiley face Smiley face  
These three photos are from different restaurants but are typical of many tourist oriented restaurants. Almost exclusively restaurants are open air. At least one wall is wide open to the lizards and bugs of the world. The lizards keep to themselves and the bugs are not noticable. The right hand photo is from an exception to this rule. Zurich is a posh indoor restaurant with air conditioning. Located on the road between Kathu and Patong it caters to upper class clientele from Europe. It is close enough to the touristy Patong that the cost is exorbitant compared to local fare. It was worth it to us occasionally to enjoy some of the things we missed from the western world like bacon, ham, good coffee, AC and jazz music. The cafe is pictured in the middle. Fans cool the place perfectly adequately. We frequented this place even when it wasn't close by. It had a huge menu so a lot of their stuff was based on frozen vegetables and other foods.   Smiley face Smiley face Smiley face 
  Papas house restaurant is one of our favorites in Phuket. They have wonderful proprietors and spectacular garden. The food is good. The setting is quiet and off the beaten path.  Smiley face   
This page mostly has pictures of flowers and a bird at the outdoor restaurant called Papas House. This bird has a hanging nest in the garden of the restaurant.  Smiley face Smiley face Smiley face
Restaurants all over Phuket have hanging birds nests on display. I'm not sure what bird makes these nests. This restaurant had an active nest used by this bird. It is built into the Spanish moss that was strung across a rope on the premises.  Smiley face Smiley face Smiley face
The nest is located in the Spanish moss in an area just outside the dining area. The main dining area is just an area in front of their residence with a roof over it. There are many sculptures and artifacts from around the world.    Smiley face Smiley face 
The flowers of the cannonball tree are part of the Buddha story. It is not native to Thailand. The flowers are huge and bold and otherworldly.   Smiley face Smiley face  Smiley face
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These are flowers of the cannonball tree. The Papas House restaurant had a magnificent specimen those rose up right in the center of the upper deck of their restaurant. The flowers are the size of a cantaloupe. This particular tree had blooms all over the trunk much of the year. The tree has a history in Buddhism.  Smiley face Smiley face Smiley face