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College Visit

New York City        
    Through the Poconos to NYC - the gap    
    The fog is crawling over the mountain    
    This is something I've never seen before. There were several of these wild animal crossings over the highway in New Jersey coming into NYC from the west. These are for wild animals; these are public bridges for animals to avoid being hit.    
Most of the street scenes are along 10th Avenue. We arrived at about 9am Sunday morning. Most places were closed or just beginning to open up. After the open house at 3pm we drove down to Greenwich Village.
    We've used the Bolt bus to travel from DC to NYC. It cost about $45 each round trip. It was Sunday, the only day we didn't have to feed the meter. Otherwise parking was only allowed for an hour.    
    Cool bicycle - made to be useful transportation. The bags in the back are actually kitty litter containers decorated and adapted for luggage use.    
    Greenwich Village, Bleecker Street - searching for Beard Papas    
    Got a parking place for the vehicle squeezed between the scooter and the merc.    
    Wood-fired oven of the Pizza place where we ate. Great thin crust pizza like they serve in Rome according to a fellow patron. Cheers and song rang out in Italian as we watched the Milan futbol match.    
The wood-fired oven is seen below in a closeup with the blurred head of the chef.
    We waited for an hour to get about a mile to the Lincoln tunnel. It was very frustrating. I guess the lesson learned is 'don't leave the city at 5:30pm on Sunday'? While we waited we saw a sign that said this entrance to the tunnel only open after 7pm. We got into the tunnel about 6:30. We inched along. Cars coming across from the side streets had trouble crossing. This was Sunday night. I can't imagine what it's like during the week...    
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