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Father and daughter - October 2010

Halloween Birthday

    The above photo was taken by Alethea using her 8MP iPhone, I think it's an iPhone.    
    I'm wearing my $4 merino wool sweater getting ready to ride home. I usually don't ride with bike shorts. I also have my 99 cent wool socks. On the back of my door behind me I have my changes of clothes available to look professional. The pants are Performance I got on sale. They have really thick padding. I have the nose of my saddle slightly elevated and the padded pants really make is comfortable.    
    Trying out the exposure delay on the new camera. This is my office where I spend the workday hours doing programming wonders. I work with databases. Currently I'm developing reports for performance evaluation of AIDS clinical trials data. The reports evealuate our specialty labs effectiveness in monitoring the progress of the protocols. I love have dual monitors. I realize that my posture sucks. I don't know if it's the chair or my exercise    

Got my wool on and my night riding gear. The reflective strip across my chest is pretty cool. The flashlight is my headlight. I have a flashing rear light on the rear rack. Those are stainless steel Berthoud fenders. This was shot near the end of October, 2010. I've got a Minnehaha saddlebag which is huge and an old set of Madden panniers. The saddlebag is huge. It was on sale for $30 when I got it! Usually they're pretty firm around $60. They had them for a short period on Restoration Hardware. Someone on one of my bike lists sent out word. I decided I wanted a second since they were such a good deal, but I was too late. The Surly I built up from a frame I got on Craigslist.

The frame came with a Chris King headset, some black SKS fenders and a Tubus Cargo rear rack. The frame is made for 700C tires. It was in perfect unbuilt shape - never ridden. I think it's a 56CM frame.

I had a cheap wheelset from a 10 year old Schwinn I got for $50. The wheelset had 38 x 700C tires which is the size I wanted. The bars and stem came from a swapmeet at Bicycle Place's parking lot in the spring. The problem is the bars don't stay the same diameter throughout. They are thick at the stem. That makes it hard to mount devices such as computer, light n stuff. Even the bell has to be mounted toward the place I may put my hands.

    I got the bike dialed in for positioning of saddle, bars, seat position. I got my nice bar tape put on - Fizik which I love. I took out the stem riser. I found out it didn't make enough difference in height. I have found I enjoy the bars mounted higher on longer rides, but around town lower is perfectly fine. I was surprised. I swapped out the SKS fenders for the stainless steel Berthoud. The Berthouds I got off the bike list. The attachment arms were not long enough. I found, literally, some metal on the road that met my needs exactly. All I had to do was saw the piece of metal in half to make two fender supports.    

Trip to Shenandoah for the leaves. I had the camera set on high color and it seems to have washed out a lot of the color and oversaturated the high areas of color. Not at all what I wanted. Shenandoah National Park follows the Shenandoah River and mountain range. The northern end of the long slender park is about 2 hours from our house. The elevation is not significant on the world stage but is approximately 3000 feet where our elevation at home is about 400 feet.

We made it to the parks middle entrance about 5:30 in late October. Darkness fell a little after 6:30PM. We had a nice short hike and saw beautiful colors. Unfortunately I didn't capture the colors as I would have liked.

    This is Westminster Presbyterian Church where they offer live GOOD jazz every Friday evening. This is top notch jazz. Sometimes they have a vocalist, other times it's just instrumental. Musician come from near and far. There are young musicians and older ones. The lady that performed this particular evening was about early to mid twenties. The piano player was amazing.    
    The colors were beautiful. They came quick and wonderful. Then in a few days the leaves started to turn brown and started dropping. I got these photos at the peak of the beauty - a very narrow window. One week the leaves were green, then glorious colors for a week and bam! they were falling fast.    
Political name of the year
Vuelta a Espana - I love things bicycle. It's fun to see athletes who are in their prime pushing the envelope. The scenery is spectacular. The climbs are a phenomenon. They race thru all weather. The participants are from nations around the world. The participants belong to sponsored teams. The Vuelta, the tour de france and the Giro d'Italia are long multi-stage races. Each stage occurs on a day. There are rest days. These races go for 2 or 3 weeks and thousands of miles.
Eggplant a la Karen
Notice the detour sign in the lower right.
  Tomato colossus  
    This is my hammock I made in a very simple manner. I found an Instructable on It's just a length of cloth tied at each end. Then I support it between two trees by rope. I found a bolt of upholstery fabric at a local thrift store. I wanted wide fabric so I might be able to lay sideways instead of end to end. Sideways would allow the lounger to keep their back straight. The width of the bolt was about 5 feet. That would allow most people to keep a straight back if they wanted. Anyway, the whole bolt was $35. Normally this fabric is $35 a yard. A hammock on line started above $35 so I thought it was a great idea.