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Fall leaves have dropped


Before I knew it the leaves had dropped. They all went to color in a week. We got out to Skyline Drive in Shenandoah National Park and saw them turning. A few days later they're falling on the ground and turning brown and moldy looking. Some of the rich color is still there. We had some heavy rain today and really let my photo colors saturate.


Even though the leaves are on the ground I love the patterns they make decorating the ground. And against the damp maple tree trunk there is a rich contrast of warm and cold.


The colors of the photo below are unmodified. That rich almost blood red is the natural color. Too bad the power lines are in the way of such beauty.

  Woke up to a foggy day. Leaves are gone from the trees. These scenes are behind the house in the park.  
  This is where a deer marks his territory. I saw him out there one day.  
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