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Camping Trip

There's a story to this picture. Adrian loves the sweet tea at McD's. He kept look at the directions to the store and thinking there were two different restaurants...
Yes. That is a pair of peacocks and the live in Wicomico county.
Bicycle Routes
These were the roads we traveled by bicycle. There were some great routes and some not so great.
Matt did this ride and there's a story behind it. Look at the tiny little shoulder on this road. He had made the trip to the McDonalds from our campsite before. He asked directions to the Walmart and the guy said 'It's right next to the McDonalds'. Did Matt ask which McDonalds? How many could there be in Wicomico county on a rural road? 2 to be exact. He was referring to the OTHER one. So that added 15 miles to the trip.
The camping experience
Above was our current site. Below are sites 2,3,4 which were really nice. They had more shade and no pad that you have to sleep on.

Ocean City visit


The trip to Assateague

This lady had a dune buggy wheelchair she could ride on the beach. She sat and let the waves pound her. It was pretty cool.

The Pocomoke River Canoe trips
    Move over city and let nature take over! I love the reflections of the clouds in the water.    
    Moss grows fat on a country road, well, this one anyway.    
    Matt shows off his diving skilz.    
    Cypress cones